We love natura and
find our inspiration in the colours of the earth.


We are the fabrics created by those who know that quality and care about the minutest detail are what turn each space into something unique. We design unique fabrics, we create delicate textures and offer innovative yet durable project ideas that bring together functionality and elegance. We are the fabrics of choice for decorators.

Our values

Each collection is based on the values that comprise the hallmark of Les Créations de la Maison and the trends that we absorb from the culture of each country we visit.


We always use the colours that the Earth gives us as our base and always choose the natural option.


We offer urban designs and cutting-edge trends for cosmopolitan spirits.

We prefer peaceful designs and plain fabrics to more obtrusive options.  

We offer the subtle elegance of linens with sophisticated finishes that add value and distinction to our fabrics.

We provide contemporary, highly-resistant textures, without losing sight of our identity of the “natural look”.